It’s Publique



It's Publique

The story of It’s Publique began on August 4th in 2007 when four school friends Christoph Babbel (vocals), Ole Bergmann (guitar), Henning Kühnert (bass) and Christoph Lange (drums) celebrated their first gig in Hamburg at a vernissage of two band members.

Formerly known as Coconut Crew, this loose network of musicians turned from a jam band playing on the weekends to the tight quartet it is today. The name It’s Publique is now the headline – not only for the music.

Common jam nights were only the beginning of bringing their ideas, passions and day jobs together: like movies, illustration, coding, text and design. Their widely known blog presents a mixture of film, graphic, music and artifarti and has long been positioned in several rankings with four digit daily page visits. Above that it is their platform where you can listen regularly to new recordings.

These guys from Bremen have by now gained quite some live experience playing many solo gigs as well as support bands like Eight Legs, Fotos and Trashmonkeys.

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